Recap: Give Back Friday 2017

This holiday season is a little happier thanks to all of you. A few weeks ago y’all teamed up with us to raise $4,194 for Donor’s Choose causes. Nice work, fam! Just to add a little perspective, your generosity helped eight classrooms and 890 students get the school supplies they need. Around here, we call that a successful Give Back Friday.

We can talk numbers all day, but it’s more real to tell you about the kids you actually helped. All 491 of you who ordered on Give Back Friday got great tees, while pre-school students got books to read at home, high schoolers got supplies to explore painting, and elementary students got the gift of drones. Your giving also benefited students with autism, children who need tools to practice mindfulness and kindness, and several schools in need of sports equipment. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 30 different projects funded and nearly $12,000 raised since 2015. To see the entire list of funded projects, visit our Donor’s Choose page .

Just because Give Back Friday is over doesn’t mean you can’t still pitch in though. If you want to make a donation, we suggest pushing the final few projects we started over the hump. Of course, there are thousands of other worthy causes at Donor’s Choose as well.

Now that #ALLTHETEES 2017 is over, the elves at Cotton Bureau are bracing for a total tee takeover. We’ve rearranged the office and optimized our Chemex making capabilities so that we can get your shirts to you on time. But we did want to take a moment here and thank you for supporting Give Back Friday this year, everyone.

Same time, same place next year?