Give Back Friday 2017: Raise ALL THE MONEY with ALL THE TEES

It’s the holidays, so we’re temporarily raising prices. Nope, we didn’t stutter, we’re raising prices. We’ve got a good reason, and it’s not that we all need a week in Hawaii.

This Friday, November 17, is Give Back Friday. Here’s the lowdown. On Friday, you’ll see the price of our pre-order tees increase by $3. That $3 plus an additional $3 from Cotton Bureau will be donated to fund our favorite classroom projects from

This year we’re supporting several projects from our hometown of Pittsburgh, and others in Hollywood, FL, Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Cleveland, OH and New Cumberland, WV. Teachers are seeking support for things like sports equipment, laptops, books, paint, and musical instruments to help them drop some knowledge and level up their classrooms. Find the full details and budget for each project on our Donors Choose page.

This is our third year, and our previous campaigns raised $6,409 combined. While that’s good, we don’t settle for good. So this year we want to raise $10,000 to fully fund each and every project we’ve picked.

That’s a lot, but we’ve also got a lot of tees — ALL THE TEES, in fact — so let’s raise ALL THE MONEY.

If you’re ready to rip the band-aid off and check off your whole Holiday shopping list, this is the day to do it. You (or your mom, or your Secret Santa, or your cat) get a sweet graphic tee, and you support learning, creativity, and inclusivity in the classroom.

How’s that for some warm ‘n fuzzy feelings? Now let’s make it happen. Tune in to our Twitter feed on Friday where we’ll be live tweeting our progress.

PS: Reading this from the future and missed Give Back Friday? Feeling extra generous? You can always donate without buying a tee at our DonorsChoose page. Go you!