Rewards are out the door!

The CB team has been busy packing up your Blank rewards (and 20,000 other tees from this year’s #ALLTHETEES). As of today, I’m happy to say that all of your tees are out the door and on their way to you, with one exception. Unfortunately, I discovered that all of our men’s tri-grey 2X tees were out of spec, which means some of the measurements didn’t match our pattern and the size chart, so I’m having them remade. We’re making them as quickly as we can, but those few tees will take a couple more weeks.

We knew there could be some hiccups and complications with production, especially since this is the first run of our first product, so we hope you understand. Shipping out more than 95% of rewards on time is not too shabby though!

A quick note about fit

Good or bad, we want your feedback! These are our first ever shirts, and while we feel pretty good about them, we know there’s room for improvement. Please email us at with your thoughts.

So far, it sounds like many of you are happy with our women’s cotton tees, but our women’s tri-blend is running a little snug for some of you. When we tested our tees on 350 customers back in May, most of you said our women’s fits were too loose in the waist and hips, so we took the patterns in a little. Turns out, we may have taken them in too much, so more than likely, we’ll be tweaking the pattern on the tri-blend before our next production run in a couple of weeks.

And just a reminder to be sure to wash and dry your shirts to get to your true fit. Our shirts are pre-shrunk, but all pre-shrunk fabric (especially cotton) will still shrink in the dryer enough to affect the fit, so don’t be worried if your cotton tee seems a little loose right out of the bag. It gets better, we promise.

Thanks again for your generous support of Blank, and Happy Holidays!