Hand-Picked Links — Apr. 15, 2024

Welcome to Cotton Bureau’s hand-picked links, tax edition. Time to blow that refund.

KNOB Keyboard

Shipping in Q3, who doesn’t want a modular keyboard with two knobs, a tiny screen, magnetic risers, and electric orange accent keys? Designed by Ben Fryc, built by Work Louder.

Mario Zucca

We’re suckers for regional designs, and Mario’s got some great ones. Does it hurt that Mario is from Pittsburgh? No, no it does not.


Our friends at Letterboxd, Discourse, and Texas Monthly are all up for some well-deserved recognition. Give ‘em a vote if you’re so inclined, and have a scroll through this year’s nominees while you’re there. May the best websites win. (Voting ends Thursday.)

Naz Hamid

Delightful personal website and blog from Naz. Thoughtful, beautiful, and, recently, more active than usual.

Malbon at the Masters

If you’re a golf fan, it doesn’t get any better than the annual Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Course. If you’re a fan of the Masters in particular, it doesn’t get any better than the 2024 edition. The world’s best players finally back together, brutal wind, firm conditions, almost zero movement in the top score Friday and Saturday, and a dominant performance by the world #1 Scottie Sheffler to win going away for the second time.

If you’re just here for drama and fashion as filtered through the lens of golf apparel, though, Malbon owned the headlines and discourse. From the baggy, billowy pants on Thursday to the sweater-vest so loud the club insisted it be removed, the average golf watcher was truly in shambles seeing someone not in the standard fitted pants and polos.