Better international shipping.

A quick note for our friends abroad, we just added a new service level that we strongly recommend you use. The new default shipping option for international orders is about as close to a perfect blend of quick, reliable, and cheap as we’re going to get. To most places for most packages, it’s going to be cheaper than the existing basic shipping service (still available), and it’s always going to be faster, more reliable, and more transparent. It’s door-to-door FedEx service which means it never leaves their hands. Tracking is top notch. Duties are always paid at the time of checkout, so no surprises there.

When evaluating shipping services, we prioritize the customer experience even if it ends up costing a little more. Until now, that was nearly impossible to find. Options on the low end of the price range (including our existing basic option) leverage domestic postal services to get packages to their destinations. Those services are never as quick or consistent as we would prefer. On the higher end, fully tracked and delivered services were painfully expensive. We’re very pleased that FedEx has been able to develop a service that is much closer to the middle of the price range while delivering the high-end performance.

Over the last 10+ years we’ve tried more or less every shipping service, from DHL to UPS and everyone in between. Our current mix of services is by far the best we’ve ever had. We think you will find that you agree once you experience the new premium shipping option.