Hand-Picked Links — Apr. 8, 2024

Welcome to week two (total solar eclipse version 🌑🌞) of Cotton Bureau’s hand-picked links. We’re pulling some of our favorite internet finds each week to share with you.

Russ Cook Runs

YouTube is a weird place where the content of every video must contradict the title, like some Alice in Wonderland version of Betteridge’s Law. But that doesn’t make Russ Cook running from Cape Town to Ras Angela — the length of the entire continent of Africa! over 10,000 miles in less than year!! — any less epic.

Austin Kleon on Quantity and Quality

I’m all for silencing the editorial voice when you’re trying to make new things, but in order to get quality from quantity, at some point, an editor needs to make an appearance. Whether it’s just you in a few days or a different person, somebody needs to make some decisions and make some cuts before we decide what to send out into the world.

We’re all about that quality. Please don’t send us thousands of designs. Send a few that you really care about, the ones that mean something to you. AI can crank out infinite volume. Only you can make something that has meaning.

Austin’s copy of The Steve Keene Art Book


Take a popular, incredibly well-designed tabletop game (Wingspan), swap out birds for dragons, and re-publish as Wyrmspan. Feels like cheating, but even if you already own the original game (including expansions), how do you not buy this for your kid who loves Wings of Fire?

Web Awesome Kickstarter

Our friends at Font Awesome are over 1,000% funded for their new web components framework Kickstarter. If you like high quality software, independent businesses, or fancy keyboards(?), please consider supporting them.

J. Stark ⅹ Ugmonk

Practically sold out, you’ll need to move quickly if you want one of these J. Stark ⅹ Ugmonk briefcases. Impeccably detailed. The type of bag that only the right people notice.