Win a FREE iPhone 14 Pro.

This is not a drill. A phone case is only as good as the phone it’s… encasing, so we want you to have nothing but the best.

We are giving away a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro to one Cotton Bureau designer.

Starting right now and ending 11:59 PM ET on Monday, December 5, create one new phone case, get one contest entry. Create two new phone case products, get two contest entries. One entry per design, maximum 10 entries (no limit on the number of new products you create though, go wild). The winner will be randomly selected and contacted the week of December 5th.

These cases are phenomenal, but they’re pretty boring without your equally fantastic designs on them. We want to see people with them in their hands this holiday season. We need your help to do that, and we’re willing to bribe you. We’re not above a little bribery.

Go forth, create new products and convert the old. One is silver and the other gold.

(If you need help — or have questions — just email us. Operators are standing by.)