Discounts, discounts, discounts.

Friends & Family Discount

The friends and family discount is back! OG Cotton Bureaucrats will remember the friends and family discount code tucked deep inside their accounts, reserved for only the nearest and dearest in your life. As of a few weeks ago, that code (the same one) is back, to be used at your discretion. Your code, should you choose to accept it, is located in the new-and-improved discounts section of your account. You should see it right away, but if you happen to have lots of discounts associated with your account, simply type “friends” in the filter box to hide the clutter.

Now, a few important notes regarding your friends and family discount code:

— The code is good for 10% off any item in your store. However much that turns out to be based on the item price will be deducted from your payout automatically.

— This code is private. It’s up to you to decide how much or how little to share it. We will never share your friends and family code.

— The code can be disabled, by you, at any time, using the new discount details view. Just click the discount code in the table, then find the “enable discount” toggle at the bottom to activate or deactivate your code.

— Speaking of the discount details view, you can see total uses, uses remaining, discount type, and a few other helpful details. More features and statistics surely to come in good time.

Earned Free Item Codes

In addition to the friends and family discount code that is available to all creators, we were able to bring back an even more beloved discount type: free stuff.

Like the free sandwich card at your local sub shop, we’re punching tickets every time you make a sale. Make your first 10 sales? Free on demand t-shirt or phone case for you or a lucky person of your choosing. Get to 25 sales, same thing, another free shirt or case. Any on demand or pre-order campaign product in your collection is eligible, excluding only fleece. (We’re not made of money!)

And it doesn’t end at 25 sales. We’re also sending free item codes out at 75, 100, 150, and every 50 sales after that. Earlier this month all sellers received emails containing their earned codes for 2022 (maximum 10 codes). Going forward, however, there’s no limit. You’ll get an email every 50th eligible sale. Codes are also visible in your account, just like the friends and family discount. If you missed the email, be sure to check to see if you have any free item codes waiting for you. Free shirts and cases are 100% on us, including shipping.

What’s Next?

While we’re excited about the improvements to discounts we were able to add this month, we’re far from finished. If you have particular feature requests, you know where to direct them.