Where we stand.

The past four days have been extraordinary, both for the United States of America and for us as a company. Designers are using Cotton Bureau as a platform for t-shirts spreading messages of love and charity — and messages of protest and defiance. We’ve sold far more shirts since this past Friday than in any single month in Cotton Bureau’s history, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for deserving causes. We stand by these shirts, their messages, and their designers. We don’t all agree politically here at Cotton Bureau — some of us are very liberal, some of us are very conservative — and we don’t all agree with every shirt that makes it into our shop, but we’re proud to stand arm-in-arm with those resisting the normalization of fear, ignorance, and autocracy by Donald Trump and his administration.

To that end, today we launched a new tag on Cotton Bureau: #resist.

Many of the shirts you see tagged #resist are generating money for charitable causes, and on a number of shirts we’ve reduced our internal profit margin to maximize their donation (including the Rogue NASA shirt, by far our all-time best-selling shirt, which has so far raised more than $150,000 for Girls Who Code and the National Math + Science Initiative).

Under more moderate political circumstances, we’d prefer to stay neutral. Cotton Bureau isn’t really in the business of telling people how to vote or feel. Unfortunately now is anything but the time for neutrality. This is an unprecedented moment in the history of our country. It calls for organized and vocal opposition to the people who are unwilling to respect our tradition of law and liberty. We’ll continue to speak out as we can, and we hope you will as well.

Stay strong, stay safe, love each other…
Your friends at Cotton Bureau