Give Back Friday 2016

It's that time of year again, where brands (coughcough like us) try to sell as much stuff as humanly possible before the holidays are over. But last year, we decided that we wanted to use the weaponized force of consumer behavior for some good, and borrowing a few ideas from brands around the internet, we came up with the concept of a charity drive held annually on the Friday before Black Friday called Give Back Friday. And hey, wouldn't ya know it, that's today!

Here's how it works: today, Friday, November 18 (from 12:01am to 11:59pm EST), we've raised the prices of all our shirts by $3 (that's right, we said raised prices). If you buy a shirt today, that extra $3 will be donated—along with a matching $3 of our own—to charity.

This year, our donations will once again go to, an online charity where public school teachers in America post classroom projects—like books, field trips, or art supplies—and donors like us can fund them. Last year we raised and donated just over $1,800 to nine projects, and this year with your help we hope to blow that away. Follow along on Twitter, where we'll be sharing our favorite school projects throughout the day.

Help us spread the word and let's raise some money for American public school students in need. We promise we'll get back to the shameless holiday promotions next week.

Donations made on Friday, November 18th.

Final tally: $4,596.00! That’s more than 2.5x as much as last year. We couldn’t be more proud of all of you for helping us help kids. Thank you!