The March Madness Sale

Celebrate March Madness with Cotton Bureau. Get 10% off this order and a coupon for 10% off your next order when you use the code “MARCHMADNESS” at checkout.

Howdy there, hoops fans and non-hoops fans alike. Today is the first day of the NCAA Tournament, and we decided to celebrate by: A) watching basketball in the office all day, and B) HAVING A SALE.

🏀  🏀  🏀

Here's how it works: today through Sunday, use the coupon code MARCHMADNESS and you'll get 10% off anything you buy. But here's the kicker: buy 2 or more shirts and not only will you get 10% off, we'll also email you another coupon code good for 10% off a future purchase at Cotton Bureau.

🏀  🏀  🏀

Hey, wouldja look at's some fine print: The coupon code we send you if you buy 2 or more shirts is good starting April 1, 2016 (no foolin'). Standard shipping rates apply to all orders. Mystery shirts don't count as part of your total shirt order...sorry.

May your brackets stay unbusted.