That’s a wrap!

Last night, we put our Blank Kickstarter to bed at the very reasonable time of 8PM. It has been an amazing 28 days, and we’re blown away by the tremendous support we’ve received. Thank you for making our dream of good fitting, ethically made, size inclusive shirts a reality.

Take a bow, everyone.

Our final tally? $94,628.

That’s right, we were fully funded almost twice over. In fact, we were fully funded in just 27 hours, with $19,000 pledged in the first hour alone.

Clearly, you all care about high quality shirts.

And so do your friends, because 10% of the money pledged came via Twitter links, meaning your tweets and shares had a huge impact. Thanks for telling your crew, particularly on September 7, when you answered the call to “Just Blank it” and blast our campaign far and wide, making that day our biggest share day of the campaign (besides our first and last day) and raising $2,389.

You all also really like videos, because our video was played 16,162 times, which works out to seeing our smiling faces every. single. day. for 44 years. Though we don’t recommend that. Please.

So, what did everyone get?
Our reports show that 37% of you opted for a single tee to get familiar with Blank. Two of you went all in and backed the Graphic Tee Pack with 50 tees printed with a custom logo. Your teams are going to look so fresh!

While we blew through our Early Bird rewards in 3 hours (seriously, yinz are amazing), and single shirt purchases were the most popular, the average backer pledged $61.92, somewhere between a single tee and the Long Weekend package of three. So let’s say the average person is getting two and a half tees, give or take a sleeve or two.

Cool. Now what?
We’re going to Disney World. And maybe taking a nap. Just kidding. We’re off to make the shirts!

In fact, we’ve been hard at work this whole time, but there’s a lot of cutting, sewing, and shipping that has to happen, and because you helped us hit three of our stretch goals, we’re making room for tri-blend navy, tri-blend red, and tri-blend light blue.

We’re not going to be one of those Kickstarters that goes silent after hitting our goal, either. We’ll be posting updates on Kickstarter and on all of our social media channels to keep you updated on the process.

After all, we’re partners.

Be on the lookout for our backer survey email from Kickstarter
We’ll be contacting each of our backers through Kickstarter to get the details of their orders. If you backed us, make sure you:

– check those Spam and Update folders
– have up-to-date payment info in Kickstarter
respond to the survey as soon as possible, and definitely before next Friday, September 22

It’s really important that we get your completed survey back as soon as possible, because that means production can start sooner, which means you’ll get your tee(s) sooner!!

What else?
In a few days, Blank will have a new permanent home on the Cotton Bureau site. We’ll be taking pre-orders for Blank shirts there in due course, so if you missed the Kickstarter, you’ll have a chance to get your mitts on one. Our Kickstarter backers, however, will be getting theirs first, because that’s just fair.

Thanks a million
We’ve said it a bunch of times, but we need to say it once more. Thank you. We’re honored to have your support for Blank, and we’re committed to delivering the best product possible. Cheers!