Just Blank it

You heard us… Just Blank it.

That means we want you to tell your timeline, favorite forum, and family about our Kickstarter. We know we’ve asked you before, but this time it’s different. Here’s how:

Let’s make today the largest share day of our campaign.

We set some lofty goals for Blank, and with your help, we’ve been crushing them. With exactly one week left in our Kickstarter, we’re in the home stretch. We’ve trained for this. We’re hydrated, we had some of that weird gel in a packet, so let’s finish strong together. We know you only have so much time to dedicate to Blank, but many of you have mentioned how this is just as much your campaign as it is ours. We agree! So let’s help each other out.

Here’s what we’re thinking:

For one day only, we shout about Blank, using every network we’ve got.

We’re thrilled with all the support so far—seriously, you’re amazing—but everyone knows that teamwork makes the dream work. So let’s rally around the #BlankbyCB tag together and spread the word in these last few days.

You don’t have to stand on the street with a #BlankbyCB sandwich board (don’t let us stop you tho…), but we are asking you to tell your friends and followers. You can even tell us! We’d love to share your Blank videos, tweets, and posts wherever we can. Send us a clip of your thoughts or post a picture in your Blank tester shirt. We’ll make some room on our Instagram or Facebook page. Basically, take a couple of seconds to just Blank it, because there’s strength in numbers.

So why now?

Most successful Kickstarter campaigns are either fully funded or pretty darn close in the first couple days. Then, they lose steam.

We hit our funding goal in 27 hours (woohoo!). It’s been almost three weeks though, and we don’t wanna be like those other Kickstarters. We’re building something special here, and there are some solid benefits of, uh, let’s say ‘reaching Blank’s full potential.

  • This is your last chance to be first in line for a Blank tee, so if you know someone who wants one, tell them to back us. After this it’s gonna be a lot of cutting, sewing, and fulfillment, and once all that is done, our backers get first dibs. That means some wait time until Blank shirts are widely available.
  • We’ve got more colors… lot’s of ‘em. There are cotton colors, tri-blend colors, bright colors, dark colors—a whole darn spectrum to explore. We’ve sampled them, named them, and want to order them. All we need now is for them to be unlocked. So if you’re waiting on your favorite color, or you know someone waiting for Blank to be available on CB, helping us reach our goals will let us bring more color to your life.

Your support has been tremendous. It’s beyond any thanks we can give. FOMO is real, so let’s show everyone else what they’re in danger of missing out on. The best way we can do that is by working together. It only takes a couple of seconds of your time today to just Blank it with the #BlankbyCB tag. We’ll see you on the internet.