BONUS TIME: Get us to $100k and we’ll add another color 🤔

We’ll just cut to the chase here. We are a few thousand dollars away from reaching our 100% cotton olive stretch goal at $96k. We have 3 hours left to do it. If we reach it, we’ll cut the $12k minimum for our next stretch goal.

That’s right, you’re getting a extra color for only $4k!

And this time we’re going with the CB office favorite, 100% cotton natural.

Time waits for no Kickstarter, and since Blank tees won’t be available to non-backers for a bit, we wanna make sure everyone gets in before it’s too late. Unlocking a fifth stretch color and getting us to $100k sounds so much better than $96k, right?!

So now that you’ve wasted a minute of Kickstarter time reading this update, it’s time to get out there and tell everyone. See you at $100k!