New creator dashboard.

Behold the new creator dashboard. It’s simple, obvious, and functional.

Like any other feature, we started off by asking ourselves what problem(s) we were trying to solve. In this case, there was a shared bundle of needs waiting for a unified solution.

  1. The minute you have more than a few products on the site, checking sales for each one becomes tedious. It would be nice to see a consolidated view of the most recent orders flowing in across all of them.
  2. We didn’t have a good way to enable discovery of new site features and share other relevant information.
  3. Whether you want to call it a junk drawer or a modular, general purpose container, we simply didn’t have a non-specific place to put stuff that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else.

A dashboard is the perfect tool for the job.

Let’s take a quick tour. Up top we’ve got a few (admittedly self-serving) cards to aid in the aforementioned discovery (hey, did you know we have on demand totes?). Below, a table with combined recent sales plus a button to grab a CSV of said transactions. We also managed to work in a link to easily view your store which is something that oddly just didn’t exist before.

Is there room for improvement? Of course. There always is. We had to cut a number of concepts we wanted to include to push it across the finish line before the end of February. Our wish list for this page (and your account area in general (and the entire website)) is miles long. We’ll never reach the end of it because it’s ever-growing. But, progress.