On Demand Totes.

First up for the new year, our fourth unique on demand product: totes. When the big blizzard looms and you need to haul cans of chicken noodle soup, there’s nothing better than a high quality cotton canvas bag. Same sturdy OAD totes we’ve used for years, now available on demand from Cotton Bureau in black and natural.

Head over to the submit design page to show us what you can do. We’ll be sharing our favorite tote designs all month long.

Just a heads up, for natural-colored totes, any white ink in your design will become transparent. Light colors may also be slightly darker than expected. Last thing, cyan and magenta lose some vibrancy when printed on totes. If your design depends heavily on those colors, it may be more muted in person than you see here.

The bags measure 15" wide by 16" tall. Maximum print size is 10" ⅹ 12".