Hats for your heads.

We’ve been making hats almost as long as we’ve been making t-shirts, though on a much smaller scale. For just as long, we’ve been asking ourselves, “why can’t we sell hats on demand? People seem to like ‘em.” Well, now we can.

We are very pleased to officially announce our on demand embroidery program. What you see below are real photos of real hats that are really available to buy right now. The quality is fantastic. We’re using the exact same hats and machines that we use for our stock and campaign embroidery. The only difference is that on demand embroidered hats are available 24/7 and ship within a week.

Assorted hats

Let’s get those questions and answers out of the way. Especially the Big One.

Can I make a hat?

Possibly! That’s not a “no”, but it’s also not a “yes”. It’s complicated. We’re very constrained right now on the new product creation side, and we’re still evaluating the production process as well. If you are curious, please feel free to email us. We can say that the interest has been phenomenal. We’re accelerating our plans to build a self-serve tool for creating embroidery products. It’s something we intend to deploy widely as soon as possible.

Can I use whatever color thread I want?

You can use whatever color thread you want as long as it is in the list of 15 colors we offer. Said colors include red, orange, gold, brown, lime green, forest green, cyan, sky blue, royal blue, navy, purple, pink, black, white, and silver. If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a PDF you can use.

What kinds of hats do you have?

We’ve got low-profile dad hats, flat-brimmed snapbacks, and mesh-backed trucker hats, withand without ropes. Hat colors are black, black, black, black, black, navy, and dark grey. Just kidding, we also have light blue and light khaki available in the dad hats. Other colors maybe, possibly available upon request as we continue to build out and expand our catalog.

How much do hats cost?

The base costs for all hats is $30. Just like other on demand products, the default margin is $5 for a retail price of $35. You’re welcome to adjust that up or down as needed.

Are there any other limitations I should be aware of?

Yes. Thank you for asking. In general, the smallest details that can be rendered are about 0.04" (1mm). The smallest gaps that can be maintained are 0.01" (0.25mm). The max size on a hat is 5.5" x 2.25". Here’s a good way to think about it: for a medium size design of 1.5", you have canvas that is roughly 75 x 75 pixels. It’s possible to get creative with running stitches and contrasting stitch directions to show subtle detail, but the best hats are going to avoid squishing too much detail into too small a space. When in doubt, err in favor of smaller and simpler.

That’s it for now. 🧢