Hand-Picked Links — July 1, 2024

Talking video games, national parks, smart writing, and happy birthdays today.

Factorio: Space Age

The folks at Wube Software made possibly my favorite PC game ever with the original Factorio (which you can and should buy right now if you haven’t already). They also write what may be the best game development blog on the internet.

The most recent Friday Facts is just a quick overview of the last few years, but it’s a good place to jump in to the more technical posts if you are so inclined.

Launch date to be revealed Friday!


Get to Know Ted Gioia (The Honest Broker)

Sure, the amount of content out there is overwhelming. All the more reason to follow Ted Gioia and purge a few energy vampires in your life. Interesting, thoughtful, direct. Easily one of my favorite writers.

Good places to start:

College Football 25

For people of a certain age, no game was bigger than NCAA Football, and for the first time in over 10 years, it’s back. It’s been so long since the last game that the biggest names from the class of 2013 (Travis Kelce, DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen) are at the tail end of their careers. We’re talking two entire console generations!

Almost everything about college football has changed in the meantime. Players can move freely between schools and earn money for their names, images, and likenesses. Deion Sanders is the most famous coach in America. Conferences are unrecognizable.

My only question: can players in the game earn NIL money in the game? Does College Football 25 exist in the College Football 25 universe?

More Than Just Parks

Whether you’re planning a trip or just vibing out, let brothers Will and Jim Pattiz take you on a guided tour of America the beautiful.

Twenty two parks and counting. You’re next, Saguaro!

Cotton Bureau Turns 11 Years Old

Excuse the sentimentality (and shamelessness), but we can’t let you go without reminding you that it’s our birthday.

We’re celebrating with dozens of beautiful hand-printed tees from some of the best designers on Cotton Bureau, including a special Cotton Burro birthday tee for just $11.

Get free shipping on all Cotton Bureau products using code HBDCB11 at checkout. The party ends July 11, so don’t wait.