Cotton Bureau is 11 Years Old!

We’re a little late to the party this year, but we’re not going to apologize because we have three huge announcements that are more than worth the wait.

Free Shipping On Everything

To celebrate our 11th birthday, we’re offering completely free shipping for everything on the entire site from now until the end of the day July 11 (see what we did there). Whether you order a t-shirt, a phone case, a hat, an insulated can sleeve, a tote bag, or anything else, shipping is on us.

Just use code HBDCB11 at checkout. (If you live in a country not named the United States of America, we’ll still cover 50% of your shipping. We’re just that nice.)

Campaigns Are Back

Second big announcement, if you missed the news last week, we’ve got a brand new tool that makes it a snap to set up pre-order campaigns for genuine screen printed tees. From 2013–2017, screen printed campaigns were the exclusive way to buy and sell on Cotton Bureau. We eventually added on demand (along with all the other improvements we’ve made to the catalog), but our heart still bleeds glorious (usually water-based) ink.

We are so happy to have a super easy way for everyone to offer pre-order campaigns again. In addition to easy setup, we also have a wider array of garment colors and styles. Plus we’ve lowered the minimum from 25 to 12, so more wins for everyone.

To kick things off, we invited some of the most talented designers from the past 11 years on Cotton Bureau to join us in releasing (or re-releasing) some amazing shirts.

We are immensely grateful to Mikey BurtonGerren LamsonMike MonteiroRyan HamrickLouie MantiaMax DuchaineNeven MrganMary DurantBen StaffordJames Victore, and the many others who were kind enough to participate.

Shop all pre-order campaigns right here.

A Very Special $11 Cotton Burro Tee

Finally, if you are a man or woman of taste, we trust you will appreciate this limited edition Cotton Burro design from our friend Steve Habersang in his inimitable stippled style.

Available for two weeks only, we’re practically giving them away. Just $11 (!) for a t-shirt, plus free shipping if you use the code (HBDCB11). Available in natural, white, light grey, grey, mauve, light pink, and banana cream, you’re sure to find a color you love. Also available in tank tops for the summer plus long-sleeves and sweatshirts for the cooler months.

That’s it for the announcements. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating 11 years and counting. Thank you!