Hand-Picked Links — April 22, 2024

Hey, hey. Welcome to week four of Cotton Bureau’s hand-picked links. Hope you don’t mind if we set the rest of this post in Papyrus.

Smack for Heinz

Chicago dogs are phenomenal whether you’re in Chicago or working from home, but as proud Pittsburghers, we firmly support your right to choose ketchup any time, any place. We stand with Heinz in providing this essential resource to all Chicagoans.

While we’re talking Heinz, we strongly recommend you boycott every McDonald’s too cowardly to serve the good stuff.

Richard Serra, 1938–2024

Monumental artist, impossible to apprehend virtually, equally difficult to appreciate. A towering legacy,  ensteeled around the world in massive, brutal profile. His works survive him.

Low-Tech Magazine

A long-time favorite, Kris De Decker pushes the boundaries of what is possible with limited resources. The website is solar-powered and endlessly fascinating.

Quick congratulations to our friends at Stratechery on 11 years. Ben’s writing and business analysis is second to none.