Hand-Picked Links — April 29, 2024

A few of our favorite links from last week, plus one funny horse video that somehow we’re seeing just now.

J.B. Mauney, Bull Rider

Plates and screws in his shoulder, hand, and pelvis; a collapsed lung and a distended liver; broken eye-socket and jaw, shattered teeth; torn UCL, MCL, and ACLs (both); various other tears, breaks, and fractures; shredded rotator cuff, then, finally, forced to retire with a broken neck.

Exceptionally crafted story. Don’t miss the videos.

A Sundae with Everything on It

New children’s book illustrated by friend of the site Andy J. Pizza, written by Kyle Scheele. (Not a cookbook, do not attempt at home.)

Megan Plus Board Game Table

Kickstarter remains an incredible platform, one that incubates incredible new products while also spawning horror stories of wasted money and unfulfilled promises — occasionally at the same time.

The original Megan board game table was beautiful, functional, and, in most people’s experience, subject to repeated delays and frustrating lapses in communication. Thankfully ours did ultimately arrive (after two full years), and it’s served us well on countless game nights. Hopefully the supply chain kinks have been worked out, because the latest iteration looks fantastic.

We (cautiously) endorse the Megan Plus for tabletop gaming fans.

Gather (2.0?)

Speaking of Kickstarter, it looks like our friend Jeff has a few new tricks up his sleeve for the Gather system. Tell us more about this “inner circle” or “VIP group”.

Cotton Bureau Drinkware

If you missed the announcement last week, we’re excited to unveil a range of new on demand drinkware products including tumblers, insulated water bottles, can sleeves, cups, and drinking glasses. Shop till you drop, or send us something of your own if you think you have what it takes to be on Cotton Bureau.