Cotton Bureau referral codes are here.

For years people have been asking you, “Where did you get that amazing t-shirt?” and you’ve been telling them, “Cotton Bureau. It’s where I get all my shirts.” purely from the goodness of your heart because you love your friends and you love Cotton Bureau even though there’s absolutely nothing in it for you.

While we’re incredibly grateful for the kind words and your generosity of spirit, we think no good deed should go unrewarded. That’s why starting today we’ve got a simple way for you to get a little something for the spectacular work you’re already doing.

Cotton Bureau Referral Codes Are Here. 🤝

If you have a Cotton Bureau account, check out your discounts page. You’ll see a private code (just for you) and a public code (for everyone else). Copy and paste that public code somewhere you can easily find it. Then, any time you mention Cotton Bureau, casually drop that sucker right in the middle of the conversation. For every new customer that buys an on demand shirt, hat, or phone case, you’ll get $5 you can use for anything on the site. Your friends will get $5 off their order and — for the next two weeks only — free shipping*.

When you’re ready, redeem your referrals to cover up to 100% of your order, including shipping. Just select the items you want to order and use your private code at checkout. You can review the total number of referrals you’ve made and the size of your discount from inside your account.

Do note, your private discount can only be used one time. Once used, a new private code will be generated. Any balance left over from the old one will be destroyed. Maximum earnable discount is $250 every three months.

You said something about prizes? 🥇

Wait! Before you go booking the nearest skywriter, updating your MySpace profile, and printing your referral code across your chest (people are going to ask a lot of questions already answered by your shirt), you should know that during the introductory period, we’re keeping track of who refers the most new customers to Cotton Bureau. We’ll be awarding a grand prize to the person who has the most successful referrals. We’ll also be handing out prizes to the runners up (second and third place) as well as smaller gifts to three winners that will be randomly selected from everyone who makes at least one referral by the end of the day Thursday, July 27, 2023.

Keep your eye on the Back Room blog and the @cottonbureau Threads account. We’ll be sharing anonymized leaderboard updates each day.

Here’s the initial prize list to kick things off:

Grand Prize: iPad 10th Generation
First Prize: AirPods Pro
Second Prize: Ninja Creami
Additional Prizes: Cotton Bureau Metal Card, Teva Hurricane XLT2 (2)

If we hit 100 referrals in the first two weeks, we’ll upgrade that iPad to an iPad Pro and throw in another pair of Tevas for good measure. (Additional stretch goals to follow if we happen to blow that number out of the water.)

Ready? Find your personal codes — including balance and usage — by logging in to your account and visiting the “Discounts” section.

Okay, go get ‘em.

Pro tip: click the discount code from your account to generate a URL to share. Anyone using that URL will have your discount applied automatically at checkout.

*International orders get 50% off shipping, like always.