We're Hiring a Design Coordinator!

UPDATE: Thanks to everybody who threw their hat(s) in the ring for this opening. The response was honestly overwhelming. We not only found one new Design Coordinator...we found two! More soon once they've been properly brainwashed.

If you’ve ever posted a design on Cotton Bureau, chances are you’ve made friends with Laura Hersh, our Design Coordinator. Laura started with us as an intern way back in summer 2013 and has been holding down her current gig since early 2014. Well, Laura recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Texas, and she’s movin' on down the design road (btw: if you're looking for a young, eager, talented designer,  hire her!). That means we need to replace her, and while we’ll never replace replace Laura, we’re hoping to find someone we love just as much. Here’s what we’re looking for in our next Design Coordinator...

Your job is to walk all Cotton Bureau designers through the process of getting their shirts from “accepted design submission” to “live and for sale on the website.” You'll be guiding them through shirt colors and fabrics, ink types, pricing strategy, profile completion, and scheduling. You'll also be creating all the product images that go along with each shirt. This is perfect for design students with a light course load, recent grads, freelancers, stay-at-home mommies/daddies, or anyone looking for a consistent, design-related part-time job that isn’t super-stressful.

Here's what you get...

  • You can work whenever you want. Do you like to work early in the morning? Late at night? Middle of the day, like a normal person? You make your own schedule, as long as the work gets done.
  • You can work wherever you want. We think Pittsburgh is the best city on the planet, but if you happen to live in a lesser city, that’s why Slack exists. However, if you live near us, you can come to the office and hang out.
  • You get to work with us. We think we’re a pretty, uh, dope squad, or whatever the kids say nowadays. Hopefully you agree.
  • Make new friends. In this role, you get to meet and form relationships with a lot of your favorite people in design and tech. To many of our designers, the person in the Design Coordinator role is Cotton Bureau.
  • The pay is fair and the hours are consistent. We'll be totally upfront about this...we're thinking $20/hr.

Here's what we need you to have...

  • 20–30 hours free every week. This job is part-time-plus, especially when you're first getting your feet wet. The Cotton Bureau Express only keeps chugging when we launch new shirts, and your job is to keep the engines burning hot.
  • Rock-solid interpersonal and communication skills. You’re gonna be dealing with all types of designers, largely via email. That takes patience, empathy, and keen writing skills.
  • A design eye. You don't need a degree from RISD, just a sense of good taste and an awareness of modern design trends.
  • Attention to detail. You're the last line of defense before shirts go live on the site, and "good enough" isn't good enough. We're sticklers and we expect you to be one too.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, and a computer. Preferably one with enough horsepower to deal with large files.
  • A working understanding of screen-printing. OK, this is more like a nice-to-have. We can coach you up if you’ve never pulled a squeegee.
  • You're in the good ol' U.S. of A. Nothin' against you, Canada, but international taxes are complicated.

How's that sound? We're looking to fill this position in the next couple weeks, so if you think this might be right for you, write us a nice email and tell us why...and don't wait.