Testing...testing. Wanna help us test some tees?

TL;DR We're considering a Cotton Bureau-wide switch from American Apparel tees to Next Level tees, so we're selling a CB Test Pattern tee at cost—$12–14—to get as many of them in your hands as possible so we can test them at scale.

We've been printing on American Apparel tees for as long as we can remember (certainly before Cotton Bureau was even a twinkle in our eye). There's a lot to like about American Apparel: they're comfortable, they fit well, they last, and they're made in the USA. Unfortunately, there's also a lot not to like. They've long had advertising we weren't thrilled about, and worse, their founder and former CEO is, to put it mildly, sketchy beyond belief. Their new management teamed hasn't fared much better. Company morale is low, shifts are being cut, and the hiccups in the company are starting to result in shortages all over the place. The truth is, we should've explored alternatives long ago. But we're doing it now...and we need your help.

We've had our eye on Next Level-brand apparel for a long time. We like their fit, we love their colors, we like their price (about a buck or two cheaper than AA, which would make Cotton Bureau shirts a little cheaper). Some of ours tee-printing friends swear by 'em. But we need to test them at scale, and that's where you come in. From now until Next Friday, July 3, we're selling a CB test pattern on three Next Level tees—a tri-blend, a poly-cotton, and a 100% cotton—at cost. This may be the only time in CB history where we'll sell anything other than a mystery tee for $12–14, so jump on it now. Let's make this the biggest t-shirt user test in history! (Not sure how we'd confirm that, but...anyhoo.)

If you buy a shirt, we'll check back in a month or so to see how you like them. We want to know how you think they fit, how you like the fabric, how they hold up in the wash, how vibrant the print is. Basically, do you like them as much as American Apparel? Less? More??