Site updates.

Account Balance

All accounts on Cotton Bureau now having a running balance (“to be paid”) which is settled monthly (typically the 15th). You can see yours right now in your payment history tab. (Not the most obvious place, we know. Maybe it will get rearranged in the future.)

In the olden days (October), pre-order campaigns would be paid out 15 days after campaigns ended while stock and on demand products would be paid the 15th. We’ve consolidated all those into a single balance and payout that you can view any time in your account. That should make it a good deal easier to see what is coming and to know when it is arriving.

Depending on your account type, you might also notice a “site credit” box, or it’s possible your “to be paid” number is negative. If you happen to have one of those special accounts that we work with to coordinate merch giveaways, you can now see a live accounting of how much of your deposit has been used.

More certainly to come in this area, all in good time.


Speaking of new stuff, we’ve got a whole new area in your account dedicated to managing notifications, a sure crowd pleaser. Step one for us was integrating Mailchimp’s API, so you are now able to directly control which emails (including this one) you get from us via your account. We’ll be adding additional notification management options as we are able to incorporate each service type into that area. Purely hypothetically though, if you wanted more (or less) frequent sales notifications, that might be something we are working on, hypothetically.