[Product X] is coming.

Cotton Bureau is known for one thing: incredibly soft and long-lasting t-shirts. Sure, if you look hard enough you can find other products on the site, like fancy pens, adult onesies, BBQ passports, silly socks — plus mugs, prints, stickers, magnets, and more. But all of those other products have something in common besides not being t-shirts: they require a significant upfront financial investment, which is kind of a bummer at best and, for many people, quite impossible.

From day one, the entire purpose of Cotton Bureau has been to help you make and sell things without needing to sweat the production details or park a dump truck of inventory in front of your house.

For t-shirts (and sweatshirts and tank tops and shirts for kids of all ages), you can submit a design today, have it live today, and then have it live every day after today as well without needing to worry about re-ordering stock or hitting a campaign minimum. Turns out that works really well for a lot of people, so… we’re going to do that, but for more stuff, starting with [redacted].

To get on the more stuff train and help us test this new and highly secret on demand [shhhh], just email us. We’re looking for a number of smart and talented people to lend a hand. Exact timeline for everything is tbd, hopefully sooner rather than later.