One week down, more stretch goals to go!

Happy anniversary! We know we’ve only been together for a week and we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re gonna celebrate anyway.

You’ve probably heard that we already reached our funding goal and our first stretch goal. Not bad for the first seven days, huh? Well thanks to your help we also now know what our second Blank stretch color will be.

Yesterday we asked if you were team tri-blend light blue or team tri-blend red. It was heated, but after a few hours and more than 500 votes, we settled it. With 57% of the vote your next Blank stretch goal color is…

🥁 🥁 🥁

Tri-blend red!

Twitter leaned light blue. The Blank blog leaned red. We’re not gonna pick a favorite child here, but with tri-blend navy already in the rotation, maybe this was best result. Of course we still have some work to do before red is a reality.

At $72,000 we’ll officially introduce tri-blend red to the lineup. That means we need another $8,000 to add the sixth tee to Blank. Get us there and we’ll unveil another stretch goal color.

Your support has been incredible so far, now let’s get to $72k!