Mo’ Money, Mo’ Colors

Our supporters called in the whole fleet and we’re proud to welcome tri-blend navy tees to the Blank family. Nice job on that stretch goal, everyone!

But we’re not just going to rest on our laurels, lounging away in our sweet navy tees. We’re going to set even more stretch goals. And this time, we’re bringing the power to the people. There’s a whole world of color out there, and you fine folks are going to decide what we offer next!

Here are your options: tri-blend light blue vs. tri-blend red.

So pick your favorite. Tell your friends to pick their favorite. Jump on your mom’s computer and pretend you’re her and pick again. We don’t care how you do it, just vote!

Which color would you like to see available?

The poll is now closed.

Current Results:

You have until 8:00pm ET to vote, and we’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Then stay tuned, because for every $12,000 over our initial goal of $48,000 we’ll unlock another color!