It’s all in the details

Hey everyone, Michelle here. I know we’ve been yapping on about our Kickstarter for the last few weeks (can you blame us?), but I want to fill you in on what I’ve been working on with the team since we put our test samples out back in July.

  • Three more rounds of samples for the women’s fits were made, and they are now FINAL FINAL FINAL. Everything we set out to fix has been…fixed. Get excited.
  • Four more rounds of samples for the men’s fits have been produced. I know we already explained this, but they were just weird in some ways. The tri-blend fit in sizes up to XL was too tight in some important areas, and cotton was too loose. All better now. Final grading is in progress.
  • We found a new, softer thread to use for both tri-blend and cotton, so the neckline is smoother and less itchy (some of you said this was a problem).
  • Our neck rib for both women’s and men’s has been revised and is now flatter, so no more bacon neck y’all!
  • I’ve gone to LA twice (poor me, right?), and worked out final patterns, a new custom neck tape, and a softer, nicer fabric. I’ll be heading back to LA in the next couple of weeks to finalize our quality control processes and meet with our new onsite production manager. More about that later.
  • Fabric is in production for our core colors and first couple of stretch colors. Cut & sew will follow in short order.

This entire process has felt, from the beginning, like a team effort, so thanks for following along and being part of this journey with us!

That about does it for now, friends.