Hand-Picked Links — May 6, 2024

A few of our favorite links from last week, plus a short video on the history of an iconic Apple sound.

NWSL Stadium Guide

Longtime friend of Cotton Bureau Matt Haughey recently vowed to start trying more weird stuff. His first project? Writing an unofficial guidebook to every National Women’s Soccer League stadium with his wife Kay Livesay.

We just wish Pittsburgh had an NWSL team so we could hang out.

Utah Hockey

In other sports news, the Phoenix Coyotes relocated almost over night to Utah to become the, well, it hasn’t been decided yet, but according to the new owner, there will be a fan bracket to determine the final name. We’re not hating the Utah Yetis.

Regardless of the name, people are excited. The team received over 20,000 season ticket deposits in less than 24 hours after announcing the migration north.

Hear us out… the Utah Mountain Goats.

Money Stuff, the Podcast

Matt Levine’s financial writing is brilliant, accessible, and often hilarious. Sadly it’s locked behind the Bloomberg paywall. His new podcast on the other hand is freely available and, unlike his column, easy to enjoy while walking, driving, cooking, etc.

Really big podcast art. It’s a bag full of money.

Universal Principles of Typography

New book from Elliot Jay Stocks, joining, we can only imagine, the canon along with Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style and Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography.

Rick Steves

If you’ve ever visited Europe, you know Rick’s guides are required reading. His frankly unbelievable level of knowledge provides a comprehensive trip planning framework. At least 90% of any given book won’t be relevant, but the 10% that’s left is invaluable. Get to know the man behind the manuscripts better with this trio of profiles: Washington Post (2024), The New Yorker (2021), New York Times (2019).

P.S. Another essential resource for any trip to Europe: The Man in Seat Sixty-One.