Freshly Laundered 022 / Matt McDaniel


UX Designer Matt McDaniel works and plays in Austin, TX. We spent a little time chatting with him about UX design and the Tron soundtrack. Read on.

CB: Give us the Matt McDaniel backstory - how’d you get interested in being a designer in the first place?

MMcD: Well… I started out with an interest in art and architecture (when I was real young) and eventually found my way to graphic design and then, with everyone else, UX design. Most of my professional design career has been UX and visual design.

T-shirts, though, have honestly always been a passion and soft spot of mine. My main goal with that stuff is to make shirts I want to wear.


CB: What sort of stuff do you design in your day job?

MMcD: In my day job, I’m a UX designer. Some interaction design, some visual design, lots of product design.


CB: Besides making awesome designs for CB, do you have any other side projects you like to work on? What kind of hobbies keep you busy?

MMcD: I’ve been working on a game with a couple friends of mine so I’ve been getting into some sprite animation recently. I’m trying to get more into making some music with some synths but haven’t really sat down with them to do it yet.

I also have a bad habit of saying yes to every shirt that my day job thinks about making… so I do a lot of shirts when I’m not doing CB shirts.


CB: Synths huh? Are you into electronic music mostly? What kind of stuff do you listen to while you work?

MMcD: I wouldn’t say mostly. The genres I listen to are pretty broad but I like to put on stuff like Caspian’s You Are The Conductor, some Tycho or some Caribou (especially that new one, oh man), or the always-good Tron soundtrack.


CB:  If you could design album artwork for any band (current or dissolved) who would it be, and why?

MMcD: Tycho, probably. Anybody who can appreciate some nice simple geometry.

CB: Thanks for chatting with us, Matt!

For all things Matt McDaniel, follow him on twitter, instagram, dribbble, or check out his website.