How many of you know about this Amazon Prime Day situation? Pardon us if you do, but for those who don’t, Amazon is trying to invent their own Black Friday-in-July by dropping prices all over the place. Wanna help us mess it up (and support some awesome small/independent businesses in the process)? Here’s what we want you to do: hop on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and post the handle or URL of your favorite small brand, along with the hashtag #buysmall. Encourage all your favorite small brands to do the same. If you run your own small brand, we’d love for you to help out too. A few of our favorite small brands are already on board with us, and we’ll be giving away free t-shirts all day on Twitter at random to anyone who spreads the #buysmall gospel.

Together, we can break Prime Day. (Of course, you’re welcome to do your shopping right here on Cotton Bureau.)