ALL THE TEES 2018 Starts Now!

Hello Cotton Bureau friends,

The holidays are HERE! And as always, we’re celebrating the only way we know how — by giving YOU all the gifts! Remember our High-Five giveaway for our 5th birthday back in June? Well, imagine that, only BIGGER. From right now through December 10, we’ll be giving away all kinds of Apple goodies, from AirPods to iPad Pros to MacBook Airs…and maybe even a brand new iMac Pro. That’s three whole weeks for you to shop for shirts and win prizes. And just like we did for our birthday, giveaways are unlocked based on the total amount of stuff we sell over the next three weeks…and the more you buy, the more chances you have to win. Here’s the deal: each tee, sweatshirt, or hat purchased between now and December 10 using our secret code ALLTHETEES counts as one entry. For each winning entry selected, we’ll be giving away a matching prize to the designer of the shirt you bought. Here’s how it works:

  • Today through Monday, December 10 at 11:59PM ET, we’re counting up all the tees, sweatshirts, and hats we sell on Cotton Bureau. Available right now: hundreds of the CB pre-order campaign tees you know and love, but don’t forget our huge new collection of CB On-Demand tees—800 designs and counting—which are available year-round and printed just for you whenever you buy one.
  • Once we hit 250 items sold, we’ll add the first prize to the pool: an iTunes gift card! But here’s the kicker, we’ll also give a gift card to the designer of the shirt that customer purchased. So if you’re a family member, friend, or fan of a CB designer, this is the time to show them (and maybe yourself!) some love. When we hit 500 items, we’ll add a pair of AirPods to the prize pool. At 1,000, a pair of 4K AppleTVs. At 2,000, a pair of HomePods, and so on. We’ll add a new prize to the pool for every 1,000 products we sell, all the way to 15,000, where we’ll give away A PAIR OF IMAC PROS. 😳
  • Each hat, t-shirt, or sweatshirt you order counts as one entry. As long as you get your order in by December 10, you will be eligible to win any of the prizes. We will select (and notify) the winners beginning the week of January 7.
  • Again, to be eligible, you must check out using the code ALLTHETEES. Don’t come crying to us if you forgot to use it.

The bottom line is that the more we sell, the more you win. So put your promo pants on because we’re all working together people!

We know what you’re thinking — 15,000 orders in three weeks sounds like a lot. You’re right, it is. So we enlisted some of our biggest designers to do the heavy lifting and super-charged the amount of shirts for sale. That doesn’t take the pressure off you though. Hitting iMac Pro level is gonna take a lot of sharing, bribing, and guilt-tripping. We suggest you start now, because our biggest giveaway ever is already underway. Head over to to look around.

Oh right, the fine(ish) print…

No purchase necessary. To enter without ordering send your favorite holiday postcard to 110 Torrens St. Suite 101 Pittsburgh, PA 15206. One contest credit per item purchased/postcard (five postcard maximum). Postcards must be postmarked by Friday, December 14 to qualify. Customer winners are selected at random. In the event of a postcard winner, a designer will be chosen at random to win the corresponding prize. In the event a customer winner purchased multiple designs, we’ll settle it the good old fashion way — with a coin flip tiebreaker. We maintain the right to substitute any prize with a gift card of equal or greater value — this is most likely to occur when international shipping is required. Contest ends on Friday, December 14 at 11:59PM ET. Winners will be notified starting the week of January 7.