Achievement unlocked!

Our Blank Kickstarter is over $72,000 and you know what that means: tri-blend red is official!

Your support and enthusiasm continues to amaze us. So now you’re probably wondering what your reward is for getting us over the hump. Well, besides unlocking a rad new tee color, we’re also going to announce, uh, our next rad new tee color. C’mon, this is a t-shirt project, what’d you expect?

We have tri-blend navy, we have tri-blend red, and next we’ll have tri-blend light blue. That means everyone is a winner! For the few of you wondering why so many blues, that’s easy. It’s because blue is awesome, and they’re some of our best-sellers!

Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up, we’ll speak to those of you looking for a change of pace. All we need to do is hit $84,000 to unveil a fourth stretch goal color. That color could be anywhere on the spectrum, but just so you know, it’s gonna be cotton.

Before we go, there’s one last thing. Our Kickstarter only has nine days left. We’ve seen your tweets, posts, and referrals. It’s humbling to know so many people out there support us. What we need now is a final push. If you’ve followed along since the beginning, were one of our testers, or just someone who loves what Blank is all about, please share #BlankbyCB wherever you can. Blog about it, post it in your favorite forum, do whatever it takes to put Blank in the spotlight, because once it’s over, there’s no going back. Thanks!